7:00 pm19:00

Open Mike: YOU Have the Floor

This time, it's YOUR Salon. Yes, YOU! We want you to tell The Muses' Offering what's up.

What's your favorite subject? What's your big idea? What's gnawing at your ever-curious mind? What makes you giggle? What expands your horizons? After a year of lighting up YOUR brains, we want YOU to light up OURS... and everyone else's, too.

Mid-Spring Beltane Ceremony
7:00 pm19:00

Mid-Spring Beltane Ceremony

This will be the first-ever ceremony held at The Muses Offering. We'll meet around the fire in the lush medicinal garden around back of our French Baroque parlor. 

Beltane is an ancient celebration held halfway between Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice, at the very peak of Spring. It's also May Day, celebrated as Mary's Day in the Catholic and Marian churches, a festival of gardens and lovingkindness. Priestess Sarah Astarte, PhD will lead our circle.

Come and partake in a celebration of life, love and beauty. Beltane is the ancient pagan holiday honoring fertility and the love Gods. This will be a ritual to honor ourselves and each other, and to call in and celebrate love in all of its forms. 

Ama Nkwa's Yoni Bomb
7:00 pm19:00

Ama Nkwa's Yoni Bomb

She has been called Soul Whisperer and Spirit Coach. We call this magnificent being High Priestess of the Spiritual Lowdown.  There is no comparison for Ama's ability to smack you upside the head with transcendent tenderness... and make you like it. 

Ama will speak to us about tapping into our own massive power for transformation, and how we can use this internal generative force to effect the integration of masculine and feminine in ourselves as well as healing the planet and inspiring others. It's not about sex, it's about something way bigger. Men, women, and others welcome. 

Empath Wrangling
7:00 pm19:00

Empath Wrangling

This month's Salon will present Danny G. Picard, intuitive coach and multifaceted energy healer. Bring your questions, your curiosity, your unique empathic situation. 

From Danny: "Empathy is the ability to temporarily step out of your experience, step into another person’s experience, and perceive it as they do. How does this happen? What is “unbalanced empathy?” Embrace your sensitivities, protect yourself, and empower your empathy."

Danny will discuss his work in massage, hypnosis, and working with various energy modalities. He'll also share some concrete tools to try out in your own transformational process. 

Picard is the visionary founder of the Epic Human Project and Energy Medicine School. Join us for an ever-expanding conversation on important esoteric subjects!

Flirting & Love Styles
7:00 pm19:00

Flirting & Love Styles

Sarah Astarte, Ph.D. is a professor of psychology and women's studies. She is also a diversity trainer and hostess of events, rituals, and conference presentations in the Bay Area. She is a certified Reiki practitioner, intuitive counselor, and shamanic healer. Visit www.innerfirespiritguide.com to learn more about her work. 

In this special Muses Offering Salon, Sarah Astarte helps you discover your love and flirtation style! Are you more of an ingénue, a coquette, or an adventurer? This is a playful exploration of the various approaches we use to meeting people and inviting love. 

Clear boundaries will be established so this is an emotionally safe space. We'll explore flirtation techniques and even do some role-playing together. 

Save the Date! Our events have been selling out and space is limited to 12.

Suggested attire: What you would wear to meet your sweetheart!
Where: Sans Souci Salon, 1248 Solano Ave, Albany
When: Friday, February 27 from 7-9pm
Click here to reserve your seat for $20

Keeping Your Body Vibrant, Juicy & Balanced through Menopause and Beyond
7:00 pm19:00

Keeping Your Body Vibrant, Juicy & Balanced through Menopause and Beyond


Take Responsibility for Your Health

The Muses Offering is pleased to have Claudia Weitkemper join us on the evening of February 6th 2015, 7-9pm.

Claudia will explore how we can keep our bodies Juicy, Vibrant & Balanced through Menopause and Post-Menopause.

She will Share insights on how nutrition, healthy adrenals, hormones and purification will keep you in a balanced and vibrant state. You will learn simple tools which you can apply at home to keep your body " Fluffed up", and your mind at peace.

Learn to be a healer in your own home !

Claudia Weitkemper L.Ac ~ Naturopath ~ R.N. ~ Ipsalu Trantra Kriya Yoga Teacher
Claudia is a National and California licensed Acupuncturist. She received her Master of Science degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, Oakland.
She has worked in private practice as a Professional Naturopath & Accupuncturist since 1993 in Germany and the Bay Area. Her Clinic. " Natural Healing Ways" is located in Albany CA.      Additionally she teaches Kriya Yoga classes and "Heal your Body~Temple" workshops here and in Europe.
Claudia is committed to restoring and improving her client's health and assisting them to feel healthy, vibrant and living to there highest potential. We are greatly honored to have her share her knowledge with us.
You can reach her at......
Natural Healing Ways ~ Center for Integrative Medicine & Acupuncture                               
115 Marin Ave, Albany CA 94706
You can also sign up for her free newsletter at >>>>> www.naturalhealingways.com

Magic and Mayhem
7:00 pm19:00

Magic and Mayhem

In our on going effort to keep your brain juicy, for January 2015 we welcome Tobias Beckwith and Lynx the Animator to the The Muses Offering.

Tobias Beckwith is an author, performing arts educator and theatre director, and event producer. With experience on Broadway, in Las Vegas, and festivals around the world, he'll present his new book The Wizard's Way about magic and leadership. See more at www.yourmagic.com.

Lynx the Animator is a variety performer who crafts his own spicy blend of magic, comedy, and sideshow. Creator of Lynx Bawdy Vaudeville, his brand of entertainment will have us laughing, dazzled, and fascinated. Be sure to catch his show Grip in June 2015 (TBA).  See more at lynxtheanimator.weebly.com.

Come join us for delicious treats and adult beverages, as always, mentally elevating conversation.We keep it small, and space is limited to 10.

Tickets will not available at the door, please reserve you space here.

Comfort & Joy
7:00 pm19:00

Comfort & Joy

  • 1248 Solano Ave Albany, CA, 94706 United States


Winter is often a stressful time for many of us, this months salon will be all about you.

December's salon offering, will show techniques you can easily use anytime to find calm and comfort, and bring the joy back into each moment.

Informed by her studies in Chinese health systems, Jeanne will present Taoist meditations, and seasonal nutritional tips for strengthening your immunity and nervous system through out the winter months.

Our magical trick bag is over flowing with ancient secrets and modern scientific knowledge, and we are excited to share some of it with you. We want your tips & truths, too ! We have some fun stuff in store for you.

We will be getting cozy 'n' comfy, so come in your jammies & fuzzy slippers, if you like !     Hot cocoa, Hot Toddies, and some nibbly tidbits will be available ~ plus a take home for your at-home Comfort & Joy.

We intentionally keep our salons small to create an intimate setting.

If you wish to attend, space is limited to 12 guests, tickets will not be sold at the event, the cost is $15.00.


What am I going to do with this giant case of ADHD?
7:00 pm19:00

What am I going to do with this giant case of ADHD?


What exactly is ADHD? How do I know if I have it?

Does my kid/husband/housemate have it?

Can you help?

Is treatment limited to drugs and therapy?

What other kinds of support are out there?

How is ADD/ADHD connected to autism, dyslexia, and other learning differences?

Does ADHD only happen in kids, or is it an adult thing too?

How does ADHD affect close relationships and family dynamics?

Can ADD/ADHD be a gift instead of a curse?

Do you have any advice or tools for getting focused, procrastinating less, and making better use of my time each day?

Bring your questions about ADD/ADHD and other learning differences for a conversation with Bay Area- based coach and counselor Emily Shurr.