Have you been thinking...


...Where have all the good ideas gone?

...How can I improve my fascinating life?

...Where can I go for a refreshing conversation?


In 18th-century France, society women salonnieres hosted regular gatherings in their homes. Celebrated speakers and performers delighted those present with scientific discoveries, theatrical pieces, and musical compositions. This private, intimate setting facilitated lively intellectual exchange and enriching social engagement. 

The Muses Offering is reviving the Salon as conversational art form for you! Your hostesses — Jeanne LaDeaux, maker of exquisite whimsy and Emily Shurr, purveyor of transformative talk — would like you to join them for an evening series of thought-provoking interaction. Learn something new, speak directly with the experts and the artists. Socialize & chitchat with new friends you’ve just met.

Equal parts instruction, discussion, and entertainment will leave you with new friends, expanded thinking, and excitement in your heart.